Oil and gas companies represent some of the major users of satellite communications services. The oil and gas industry works in some of the harshest environments on earth: in remote locations, far removed from infrastructure; and in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Solutions involving a satellite element are therefore absolutely crucial. Satellite services offer sophisticated applications to the teams of geologists, geophysicists, drilling engineers, seismic data analysts, who can thanks to that locate new oil and gas reserves and extract them from the ground and from beneath the ocean floor through the collection of massive amounts of disparate data in multiple formats (including GPS, acoustic, compass and other sensor data).

Satellite-controlled software has already been successfully used in some parts of the drilling process, providing automated, rapidly available data. Such technologies can also be a valuable tool for automating otherwise time-consuming and labour-intensive processes, and therefore unburdening key employees.

Satellite technologies are able to provide broadband Internet, Voice over IP (VOIP), real-time video and reliable communications to the harsh offshore environments. This also helps address health and safety matters in such challenging environments. In extreme disaster situations such as floods, storms etc., as well as where activities are carried out in remote offshore locations satellite technologies provide access to a wireless communications network that is independent of terrestrial infrastructure.

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