In the early days of television, American and European viewers had to wait hours, if not days, for tapes to be shipped across the Atlantic in order to watch footage from the other side of the ocean. That all changed 50 years ago after the launch of the first telecommunications satellite: Telstar. On July 23, 1962, tens of millions of people watched a historic broadcast as Telstar beamed live transatlantic video into viewers’ living rooms for the first time. On 21st July 1969, the Moon Landing was broadcast to hundreds of millions of captivated viewers on 6 continents via 4 C-band satellites. Today hundreds of millions of people worldwide depend on C-band for news, sports and entertainment.

Since the moon landing, satellite TV has driven the viewing of digital TV channels in every country of the world, so that today they can even be received on multiple devices in the home simultaneously.

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