Global satellite communications sector calls for safeguarding of satellite spectrum 




13 November 2015

In a joint statement issued by an international coalition of seven non-profit associations, including ESOA, representing the global satellite communications sector, the show of support was strongly commended: “The high level of support from these organizations makes clear the importance of satellite communications in the C-Band spectrum and how further disruption of safety-of-life services due to wireless interference is unacceptable.”

“Some administrations may be under a misimpression,” the coalition statement continued. “It is not necessary to support IMT identification if they have already authorized WiMAX or other terrestrial wireless services. An identification for IMT is not required to make WiMAX or other authorizations comply retroactively with ITU rules. No ITU rule change is required at the WRC in order to enable national deployments of WiMAX or other wireless services.”

You can read the full statement  here.

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