European Satellite Day 2015 - Bringing Space & Satellites Down to European Schools




8 December 2015

Brussels, 8th December 2015 – In a change to their annual event, ESOA (EMEA Satellite Operators Association) has this year chosen to bring the topic of space and satellites down to the European School in Brussels. Along with Leopold Eyharts, French astronaut from the European Space Agency, Aarti Holla, ESOA Secretary General visited Primary and Secondary grade pupils to talk about their experiences of working in the space sector. 'Science in action' showcases exciting careers in the space industry and sparks the interest of today’s youth. 

Speaking about the visit, Aarti Holla noted, “This is an opportunity to educate and inspire young people about a high-tech sector that they might choose as a future career path. Thanks to this visit, they can understand the enormous variety of areas where space technology is changing their personal and future professional lives for the better, as well as be inspired to become the next generation of the globe's scientists and engineers.

Leopold Eyharts added, “I hope to have inspired a few of the children to pursue a career in the space sector - perhaps some of them will play a major role in a future scientific and technological breakthrough that will continue to drive the global space industry forwards.”

Wulf Schlabe, Director of European School Brussels IV in Laeken, said “Having an astronaut and representative of satellite operators at school has been a unique learning opportunity. I am delighted that ESOA has taken this initiative to help educate our pupils about the role of satellites and space.”


ESOA is a Brussels-based trade association whose membership brings together all European, Middle-East and African satellite operators and supporting members including service providers, manufacturers and launch service providers. Set up in 2002, the association’s mission is to provide a unified voice and a platform for collaboration for satellite operators to ensure the continued success of the sector and to broaden the opportunities for policymakers to leverage satellite services to fulfill their objectives. (www.esoa.net)

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