ESOA Welcomes the European Commission’s ‘Space Strategy for Europe’




26 October 2016

Brussels, 26 October 2016

ESOA Welcomes the European Commission’s ‘Space Strategy for Europe’


ESOA welcomes the European Commission’s “Space Strategy for Europe” and its strategic goals of ensuring the integration of space into society and the economy and, fostering a globally competitive and innovative space sector. The Commission’s recognition of the role of satellite communications in connecting people and things in remote areas but also in enabling uninterrupted connectivity for future 5G networks in particular will go a long way in supporting policymakers’ digital objectives.

 Aarti Holla, ESOA’s Secretary General noted: “The key commercial market for Europe’s space industry is still satellite communications but most satellite operator projects in place today are the result of private initiative rather than a policy push. The Commission now has an opportunity to translate its Space Strategy into concrete actions to enhance the uptake of space services in the service of EU policy objectives and this will drive growth for the European space industry and operators alike.

Rupert Pearce, ESOA Chairman & CEO of Inmarsat added: “The Space Strategy is a key tool with which to ensure a level playing field for satellite communications at a time when policy strongly favours terrestrial networks. The risk of this approach is the creation of next generation telecommunications networks that serve the ‘urban elite’ rather than bringing digital opportunities to everyone, everywhere. The Strategy must be leveraged to ensure that future 5G networks are at once inclusive, resilient and sustainable”.

ESOA stresses that space is already an integral part of the Digital Society serving citizens, businesses and governments in pursuit of their everyday, business, strategic and emergency objectives. From being pipes in the sky, satellite operators are now evolving to become smart solution providers that enable individual vertical segments from media to the Connected Car and ultimately IoT companies to tap the efficiencies garnered from global satellite systems in order to drive down costs while extending reach. Europe is already world leader in satellite communications thanks to a favourable political and regulatory environment on the one side and the ability of its operators to constantly invest and adapt to changing times. To maintain this competitive edge, the Commission needs to ensure that its Space Strategy adequately fosters a proper understanding and exploitation of satellite communications services and defends satellite spectrum from sharing and interference from terrestrial networks.

Satellites everywhere, Internet Everywhere.

About ESOA: ESOA is the world’s only CEO-driven satellite trade association whose membership brings together 21 European, Middle-East and African satellite operators and supporting members including service providers, manufacturers and launch service providers. Set up in 2002, the association’s mission is to provide a unified voice and a platform for collaboration for satellite operators to ensure the continued success of the sector and to broaden the opportunities for policymakers to leverage satellite services to fulfill their objectives.

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