ESOA welcomes DSM strategy




6 May 2015

"The challenge of the EU Digital Single Market (DSM) is to guarantee ubiquitous connectivity across borders, in order to allow connectivity and access to high-quality digital services for everyone, everywhere, any time. An on-going issue for users no matter where they live is a quality experience without the famous buffering 'wheel' on the screen. A hybrid approach integrating satellite and terrestrial solutions will help resolve such issues and achieve total coverage." said Aarti Holla, Secretary General of ESOA. "This is equally true for realising the 5G ecosystem," she added.

We welcome that the new Strategy focuses on the global dimension of the digital economy and follows the innovation principle and specifically that consumers' cross-border access to services is central to the Commission's proposal. In our view, this will help remove the remaining barriers to achieving the Digital Single Market, which is essential to improve Europe's competitiveness in the global market place. Connecting industries and SMEs to digital highways is a fundamental basis of competitiveness and economic growth for our region.

When it comes to regulation, ESOA believes in a principles-based, light-touch approach noting that the present EU framework already presents a good basis for industry. In order to provide consumers with choice, quality and deliver a first class, inclusive user experience; interoperability, transparency, non-discrimination and consumer choice must remain central principles for the digital economy of the future. ESOA therefore urges caution when it comes to allocation of spectrum for next generation systems (5G). Europe needs all technologies and services to contribute to the efficient and timely completion of an inclusive DSM. A technology neutral spectrum policy will guarantee choice and quality for consumers.

Europe must grasp the opportunity coming from its strongest and most innovative industries - the European satellite industry already has a global presence in all regions in the world and Europe is home to the world's leading satellite operators. Satellite communications can effectively contribute to making the EU Digital Single Market a reality provided they benefit from a predictable regulatory environment and political support. ESOA Members remain committed to working together with the European Commission to enable digital growth in Europe.

About ESOA:
ESOA is a Brussels-based trade association whose membership brings together all European, Middle-East and African satellite operators and supporting members including service providers, manufacturers and launch service providers. Set up in 2002, the association's mission is to provide a unified voice and a platform for collaboration for satellite operators to ensure the continued success of the sector and to broaden the opportunities for policy makers to leverage satellite services to fulfil their objectives.

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