ESOA hosts a reception for TISA negotiators in Geneva

1 February 2016

Geneva – ESOA welcomed around 60 policy trade negotiators in a cocktail reception that was held in Geneva on Monday 1 February and discussed the ongoing TISA negotiations in the context of satellite communications services.
The satellite sector is a truly global and dynamic innovative industry for which the importance of international free trade in services should not be underestimated. Satellites play a key role in the growth of global communications, media and technology industries.

During these years, satellite communications grew to a €100 billion industry, enabling essential breakthroughs in modern communications such as live television from remote regions, the broadcasting of high definition TV channels to all citizens, broadband connectivity in all areas, backhauling for telecom operators or highly reliable data networks for private companies. Therefore the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is hugely important to our sector for an open market where the best communications services are available worldwide.


About ESOA

ESOA is a non-profit membership organisation dedicated to serving and promoting the common interests of satellite operators from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS. The Association today represents the interests of satellite operators who deliver information communication services across the globe. Together ESOA Members provide invaluable communications services to the whole world, including live broadcasting, emergency communications, maritime and aero communications, secure services for governments, 24/7 monitoring of industrial processes such as energy plants, weather forecasting and a whole range of other communications services.