High definition TV - what is it?

High definition TV has five times the pixels – or detail – than ordinary digital television broadcasts, with more lifelike colours and digital surround sound too.

With more detail on the screen, HD TV takes you to the heart of films and dramas, to the front row of arts and culture programmes, and to the centre of play in sports. Although some terrestrial, cable and Internet TV services provide a few HD channels, the additional transmission capacity used by HD means that only satellite can deliver the hundreds of HD broadcasts now available simultaneously.

How can you get HD TV?

For HD satellite TV in your home, you will need an HD satellite receiver (available from pay-TV providers or independent dealers) connected to your existing dish, an HD TV set (most large screen TVs sold today are suitable), and, of course, HD channels to watch.

And there’s no shortage of HD viewing – most satellites operators now deliver thousands of channels in High Definition to viewers internationally. Analysts such as Euroconsult forecast that the share of HD channels in the worldwide satellite broadcasting market will increase from 5% in 2010 to 20% in 2020.

Ultra HD TV (4K) – the next viewing revolution

Ultra HD provides a completely unprecedented viewing experience, with cinema-like picture quality, combined with an expected increase of screen sizes at home. With its broader range of colours, higher frame rates and greater luminosity, Ultra HD surpasses consumer expectations today and in the decades to come. Ultra HD delivers four times as much detail as 1080p Full HD, that's eight million pixels compared to two million pixels!

You can enjoy your 4K experience already when watching some TV shows like Breaking Bad, House of Cards or Marco Polo. Ultra HD films include The Amazing Spider-Man, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Jerry Maguire, among others.

Satellite broadcasting is the ideal and indeed only way to provide Ultra HD, as it delivers sufficient bandwidth to all the DTH, cable and IP TV homes it serves. Satellite technology allows Ultra HD to be easily distributed to millions of homes over the coming decades in the same way it has driven HD to become the de facto standard in digital TV today.

A new standard of high definition TV. Enjoy the cinema like experience at home.

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