Satellites are the largest, most advanced and most important supplier of capacity for distribution of digital, HD programming, Ultra HD and more, including feeding cable head-ends. Reaching millions of homes across the world, satellite operators provide satellite capacity for leading TV broadcasters. Today, millions of people watch TV programmes transmitted via satellite, either by direct reception or reception via cable head ends fed by satellite transmission for onward distribution through cable systems.

How you get your TV signal

  • The signal is received via a satellite dish and a low noise block downconverter/LNB (receiving device mounted on your satellite dish that collects the radio waves from the dish) and fed into your home
  • A satellite receiver in your home - that can either be an external set-top box or built into your TV tuner - decodes the desired TV programme for viewing on your TV screen
  • You enjoy a wide range of channels and services in standard, high-definition or ultra high-definition format.

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