ESOA represents 21 global and regional satellite operators, providing thought-leadership for the sector. It is recognised as the representative body for satellite operators by international, regional and national bodies including regulators, policymakers, standards-setting organisations such as 3GPP and international organisations such as the International Telecommunications Union and the World Economic Forum. As the world’s only CEO-driven satellite association, ESOA leads the sector’s response to global challenges and opportunities faced by the commercial satellite communications sector. It offers a unified voice for the world's largest operators, important regional operators and other companies that engage in satellite-related activities.

ESOA works to lead a coordinated and impactful response to global challenges and opportunities for the commercial satellite communications sector by raising awareness of the reach, resilience, variety & capability of satellite services. By providing a unified voice and platform for global collaboration, ESOA increases opportunities for governments, businesses and citizens to leverage satellite services in order to bring connectivity through high quality telecommunications services to users everywhere, on land, in the air or at sea. Through a minimal infrastructure providing ubiquitous coverage, satellites allow communications across national boundaries, without discriminating on the basis of economic differences between nations. The only requirement is an appropriate political, regulatory and industrial environment in the territory to be served. It is therefore important that governments understand the benefits satellite services can bring. ESOA works to foster this understanding.

Overall, satellite operators and their services represent two thirds of the entire space economy which is valued at 250 billion dollars in revenue. The satellite sector creates more than 900 000 direct jobs worldwide; it enables independent launch and defence capabilities and puts all world regions at the edge of innovative technology. Satellites are vital in cost-effectively bridging the Digital Divide for the ultimate benefit of people everywhere.

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