The vision of 5G is driven from the predictions for up to 1000 times data required by 2020 and the fact that traffic will be dominated by video. Another key driver for 5G is the emergence of the Internet of Things; the vision of millions of objects being connected to each other and to the Internet. This is the enabler for ‘smart cities’; other ‘smart’ environments and the emergence of what is called ‘Big Data’ applications where massive amounts of data can be processed to feed a plethora of new applications. For 5G this implies being able to handle large quantities of low data communications efficiently covering widespread sensor networks and machine to machine (M2M) communications.

This will require new spectrum allocations. 5G requires large blocks of contiguous spectrum that is not available in frequencies below 31GHz. However, multiple GHz of contiguous spectrum are available above 31GHz for potential global harmonization in line with ongoing 5G feasibility studies.

5G is often connected to the mobile industry, but it is much more than just cellular, it is wireless - a combination of new technology working hand-in-hand with existing technology. Satellites already deliver mobile backhaul, push data services, linear and non-linear TV, converged media, broadband services and many M2M services that will be part of the future 5G ecosystem. By 2020-2025 there will be over 100 High Throughput Satellite (HTS) systems in orbit delivering Terabits of connectivity across the world using Ku and Ka bands. Satellites provide cyber-resilience and data connectivity backup, especially for M2M networks, which will be crucial for successful development and deployment of the 5G ecosystem. Viable and sustainable spectrum access for HTS satellite systems must be promoted to deliver current and planned services by existing users and interworking of HTS systems and terrestrial technologies is needed to ensure a high-speed, robust, inclusive 5G ecosystem.

A win-win solution will allow terrestrial and satellite 5G services to co-operate & deliver the 5G ecosystem together.

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